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A Child's Prayer For Relief

An interesting little daughter of a professor in Danville, Kentucky, in
the Summer of 1876, in eating a watermelon, got one of the seeds lodged
in her windpipe. The effort was made to remove it, but proved
ineffectual, and it was thought that the child would have to be taken to
one of the large cities to have an operation performed by a skillful
surgeon. To this she was decidedly opposed, and pleaded with her mamma
to tell her if there was no other way of relief. Finally, in order to
quiet her childish fears, her Christian mother told her to ask God to
help her.

The little one went into an adjoining room and offered her prayer to God
to help her. Shortly thereafter she came running to her mamma with the
seed in her hand, and her beautiful and intelligent face lighted up with
joy. In response to the eager inquiry of the mother, the little one said
that she had asked God to help her, and while she was praying she was
taken with a severe cough, in which she threw up the seed.

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