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A Discouraged One Revived.

Mr. C----, walking home one Saturday afternoon, fell into a discouraged
train of thought because he appeared to have done so little for the
Master that whole week. At that moment a young man took him by the hand
saying--"You do not know me, but I know you. A few weeks ago I was on
the high road to destruction, but now through your instrumentality I am
in the narrow path which leads to everlasting life. I attended your
prayer-meeting one evening in company with a friend of mine. You spoke
with great earnestness, and after we sang the last hymn you remarked,
'How can I bless whom God has cursed? For he declares, If any man love
not the Lord, he shall be accursed.' I cannot describe my sensations.
For several days I could find no peace, but when at last my faith rested
on Jesus, I found that peace which flows like a river; and now, like
Moses, I have chosen rather to suffer affliction with the children of
God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin, for I know if I have to face any
trouble on account of my religion, I can look forward to a glorious

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