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A Little Girl's Beautiful Faith.

A little German girl, who had never hitherto known the name of the Lord
Jesus, was led to attend a Mission school. It was the custom at the
school, before the little ones received their dinner, to lift their
hands and thank God for their food.

When in course of time she spent her days at home, and her father's
family were gathered around their own table, this little girl said:

"_Pa, we must hold up our hand's and thank God before we eat._ That's
the way we do at the Mission."

So winning was the little one in her ways, the parents yielded at once.

At another time her father was sick and unable to work, and the little
girl said, "_Pa, I'm going to pray that you may get well and go to work
to-morrow morning_."

At four o'clock in the morning she awoke and called out, "_Pa, don't you
feel better_." The father said, "Yes, I am better," and he went to his
work in the morning, although weak and obliged to rest by the way.

There came a time once when he could not get work, and there was no food
in the house for dinner.

This little girl knelt down and asked God to send them their dinner, and
when she rose from her knees, she said, "Now we must wait till the
whistle blows, till 12 o'clock."

At twelve o'clock the whistle blew, and the little girl said, "Get the
table ready, it is coming," and just then in came a neighbor with soup
for their dinner.

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