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A Little Girl's Question.

A touching little story, with eternal results in it, was told at one of
the meetings, illustrating that word of God's book, "A little child
shall lead them." "A dress-maker called on a very wealthy lady in a city
not far from New York, and took with her her little girl, five years
old. The lady took a fancy to the child, and showed her over the house.
She expressed great admiration at all she saw, and, particularly
attracted by the carpet, said to the lady: 'Why, I should think Jesus
must come here very often, it is such a nice house, and such a beautiful
carpet--He must come here very often. He comes to our house, and we have
no carpet; I am sure He must come here very often, doesn't He?' The lady
not answering, the child repeated the question, when the reply came,
with deep emotion, "I am afraid not." The child left, but God's message
was delivered. The lady related the incident to her husband in the
evening, and both were led to seek the Savior.

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