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A Little Slave's Faith.

A missionary in India, passing one day through the school room, observed
a little boy engaged in prayer, and overheard him say, "O, Lord Jesus, I
thank thee for sending big ship into my country and wicked men to steal
me and bring me here, that I might hear about Thee and love Thee. And
now, Lord Jesus, I have one great favor to ask Thee. Please to send
wicked men with another big ship, and let them catch my father and my
mother, and bring them to this country, that they may hear the
missionaries preach and love Thee."

The missionary in a few days after saw him standing on the sea-shore,
looking very intently as the ships came in. "What are you looking at,
Tom?" "I am looking to see if Jesus Christ answers prayer."

For two years he was to be seen day after day watching the arrival of
every ship. One day, as the missionary was viewing him, he observed him
capering about and exhibiting the liveliest joy.

"Well, Tom, what gives you so much joy?" "_O, Jesus Christ answer
prayer. Father and mother come in that ship_," which was actually the

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