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A Lost Voice Regained.

"Some nine months since a lady showed signs of indisposition, and soon
was attacked by a cough. Change of air was prescribed, but after a lapse
of some weeks she returned to her home, in no way improved. Physicians
were consulted, her lungs found to be much irritated and pulse low. Soon
all appetite left her, a hoarseness succeeded, resulting in entire loss
of voice.

"There was little desire to eat, as everything taken into the stomach
caused great distress. Months succeeded; nothing could be gained from
medical treatment. I felt that I must trust all to God. I seemed to feel
that God would heal me. I read in his Bible, 'The prayer of _faith shall
save the sick_.' I accepted it at once, I felt sure that it was for me.
I was led to visit Boston and see Doctor Cullis. I stated all the
circumstances of my illness, and was asked if I could trust God to heal
me? I replied, 'Yes, I am sure the Lord is able and willing.'

"'We knelt in prayer; _in a moment, as it were, my. voice came to me, I
was able to talk with ease_, and from that time nothing that I have
eaten has given me any distress. The Lord's promises are sure, and He
has filled my soul with joy and praise.'"

In speaking of the many cases of cures in answer to prayer, Doctor
Cullis says: "I have noticed that in some cases the cure has been
instantaneous; others I have prayed with two or three times, or even
more. My explanation is, as far as I have been able to observe, that
there has been oftentimes a question or lack of faith on the part of the
patient; for some seem to come, not in faith, but as a matter of
_experiment. God's word says it is the prayer of faith that shall save
the sick._"

From this it will be noticed that the _faith is that of the patient,_
and the more strongly it is fixed on God and the promise, the surer the

It is but justice to say, that in no case has there ever been the
thought or the assumption, by Doctor Cullis himself, of having _any
divinely conferred power_ to heal all that come to him, or for whom he
may pray. No such power would ever be given to any human creature by our
Lord. It is the Lord himself who works the wonder--but solely because of
the faith of sufferers who have sought the addition of the prayer of one
who is stronger in faith and prayer than its own. Each must wait upon
God, and must have faith without a doubt, and perfect willingness to
trust all to Him, and continue to expect the blessing.

It should be noticed, also, that all who have come pleading the prayer
of faith, and asking the Lord for relief, have either then, or before,
_pledged themselves to the service of the Lord_, and have desired the
good gifts they seek, that they may more efficiently work for His own
honor and glory, and the good of others.

When such a desire for healing is united with the desire and the promise
to work in future for the Lord, His own kingdom and glory, the Lord is
pleased with it, and His promise is made sure to those who come in

It is needless to say that those who come for prayer, with the desire
only for _experiment_, and also those who are _withholding their lives
or pledges of devotion to Him, need never expect an answer_.

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