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A Mother's Prayers Answered.

A Christian evangelist, whose work has been most singularly blessed,
related this incident, how once in the days of his folly and sin, while
as yet his course of life ran counter to the fondest wishes and prayers
of his mother's heart, he one day asked her the strange question,
whether she really believed that he ever would be converted to God. And
her answer, inexpressibly touching and instructive, as being the answer
of _assured faith_, which could see as yet no signs of the coming of
what it so anxiously sought, was,

"Yes, I believe that you will one day be as eminent as a Christian, and
an instrument for good, as you have been eminent in sin, and an
instrument for evil."

In later years the evangelist looked back with admiration to the faith
of his mother, and thanked the Lord for His gracious answer to her

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