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A Physical Impediment Removed.

"A clergyman, of great scholarship and genius, has told me of a
remarkable answer to prayer, authenticated by three missionaries known
to himself, who are personally acquainted with the facts.

"A Prussian, the master of a hotel in India, was anxious to relinquish
his large income, and labor as a missionary among the Santil tribes.
Objection was made to him on account of an impediment in his speech
which would render him, in speaking a foreign language, incapable of
being understood. Believing in the efficacy of prayer, he called
together his friends, specially to ask that his impediment might be
removed. The next morning, he presented himself again at the Mission
House--_the impediment had gone_! He was accepted, relinquished his
business, and is now preaching the gospel to the Santils in their own

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