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A Remarkable Promise.

At one period in the history of the Consumptive's Home, a sum of three
thousand dollars placed in the safe, and reserved to be used for payment
on the purchase of a new building was stolen, and there was not left a
single dollar; every penny was gone.

Nothing daunted, again going to the Lord, and pleading the Lord's own
promise, "_If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask
what ye will and it shall be done unto you_." The request was made in
prayer for the three thousand dollars, and the promise of the amount was
definitely made to be paid out a certain day.

The day came. Before it had arrived, the Lord had sent the three
thousand dollars with unusual contributions, and both the promises of
the Lord and that of his children were kept.

The ordinary business man would have said it was foolishness for a poor
man, with not a penny in the world, all his means stolen from him, to
positively promise on a certain day the next month, to pay so large a
sum, exactly the same as was stolen.

The skeptic would have said, "All foolish to plead before an unseen God,
and ask for such a sum. You will never get it. Why didn't your God
prevent your money from being stolen. If your Bible is true, he ought to
have protected you from loss."

The answer to all these is thus: The Doctor did trust in the promise of
an unseen God, whom he had tested in the past many hundred times, and
who had always been faithful in keeping his promises, and his faith knew
that his God would not suffer his own work to fail nor suffer reproach.

Still further to silence the skeptic, let it be said that after the
robbery became known, the sympathy for the institution became so much
greater, that the contributions voluntarily sent in consequence thereof
replaced the three thousand dollars within thirty days, and produced far
more in excess, to go towards other needs. Thus an adversity became a
blessing. The Lord uses sorrow to produce good.

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