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A Spring Mattress.

"Last Summer, when I bought my bedstead, I did not have money to get
either springs or a mattress, so I fixed up a clean, straw bed, and
covered it nicely with a thick comfortable. It was pretty hard--I did
not rest well. So, one sleepless night, I said aloud, 'I will just ask
the Lord to send me a set of springs.' I kept on day by day. When I felt
the severe pain which denoted illness, I thought of my hard bed and
prayed more earnest. One day my physician spoke of my hard bed. I told
him I was going to have a better one; I was praying for some springs.
And so I kept on. One day, a lady friend said something about my bed. I
did not say much. Somehow I felt I must not; I wanted to have it all the
Lord's doings, if I ever had any. One day my sister said a man was at
the door, who wanted to fit a set of springs to my bed. Why, I can't
tell how I felt; even after God had answered my simple prayers, and
honored my faith so many times, I was astonished at this. But she helped
me up, and the bed was fitted with nice, new springs. And they were
mine. The man could not tell anything about them. My sister says,
'Annie, did you order them?' I said, 'No.' 'Don't you know who sent
them?' I said, 'No.' 'Did you ask Mrs. W---- to order them?' I said, 'I
did not; I would lay here six years before I would do it. No, somebody
had a hand in it, but the Lord sent them, because I prayed for them all
the time.' A friend was present when my physician called. I told him
about the new springs. His kind face lit up grandly at this new evidence
that God did answer humble, faithful prayer, and he turned to my friend
with the words: 'I am glad they were just what she has been praying
for.' I do not think he had anything to do about them. But these springs
are only another proof of his love and power, in touching the hearts of
his children to help others. And they have their reward. Soon after
this, a lady sent me a white spread for my bed. Surely, God is good to
his little ones."

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