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A Telegram Of Prayer.

An incident was related at one of the meetings by a clergyman who had
written a telegram asking for prayers. God heard it before it was sent.

"When we were in Switzerland, my daughter was taken very ill, so that
the doctor despaired of her life. I felt the need of sympathy and help
and prayer, and I made up my mind that I would send a telegraphic
dispatch to this meeting, where I had so often united with you in
prayer. I wrote the dispatch and was prepared to send it, when all at
once there was poured out such a joyful faith and confidence in God on
me as I never felt before in all my life, and I fell on my knees in
devout thanksgiving for the assurance that God gave me that he had heard
and answered our prayers, for we had prayed for that dear daughter's
life. There lay the telegram ready to be sent. There I was waiting and
praying. In less than half an hour my wife came into the room and said,
'There is a change for the better in our daughter,' and the telegram was
never sent, though I believe the writing of it was the prayer that God

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