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A Woman Delivered From The Habit Of Drinking.

"I visited a family for whom I have felt a deep interest for weeks past.
The father had been out of employment some time, and they have lacked
food and clothing. Much of their trouble has been caused by the
intemperance of the mother. Her husband has borne long and patiently
with her, and although she would for a long time leave off drinking, it
was only to fall again still lower. While furnishing them with clothing,
and assisting them in other ways, I besought the mother to give her
heart to Jesus, knowing that he could keep her from falling. She became,
a constant attendant at our meetings. Says "_Jesus has taken her love
for drink all away_." One of her little ones, who is just beginning to
talk, said the other day, "Mamma, you don't drink now." They are a happy
family, and their home is greatly changed.

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