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All Saved.

In a dismal basement, A. found a very interesting American family. The
father, in the last stage of consumption; a little girl of ten years, an
invalid from infancy. The mother and two daughters, both under fifteen,
were out all day at work, trying to keep even such a wretched shelter,
and a little coarse food, as daily supplies. The three together could
not make over four dollars a week. The only person to wait on the two
sick ones during the day, was a little boy four years of age, who, when
the missionary entered, was reclining upon the bed. But he started up,
put more coal on the fire, and brought a drink of water, first to his
sister, then his father; without any bidding, and with the consideration
of a grown person.

On A.'s next visit, a few days after, he found the mother at home,
grief-stricken. Her eldest daughter had been taken ill the day previous.
He gave her all the money he had, prayed with them, and sent at once a
kind, assiduous physician. In a few weeks the daughter died, but not
without a good hope in Christ; and was buried at the expense of the few
kind friends whom A. had sent to see the family. The dying daughter
exhorted her dying father to seek his soul's eternal welfare, and not
boast, as heretofore, of his life-long morality. Her conversations led
him to see his danger out of Christ, and, in a little while after his
daughter's departure, he followed. The mother had not before had a sure
Christian hope; but, amidst such influences, her heart was soon opened
to admit the truth. Not long after her bereavement she began having a
"cottage prayer-meeting" in her room, and united with an evangelical
church. She immediately became anxious for the conversion of her two
boys, who were away, and urged the missionary to write them. He did so,
frequently, and his heaven-directed appeals led one of the boys very
soon to Christ. Soon after, he died; the brother returned home with
consumption. He took great pleasure in the little prayer-meetings, and
in three months cheerfully and exultantly exchanged this world of
suffering for the one where father, brother and sister awaited him. Worn
out with anxiety, care, hard work and poor health, the mother followed;
leaving the invalid girl and youngest boy; who are watched over, not
only by their Friend in heaven, but friends on earth. The eldest
surviving daughter is an esteemed and consistent member of a church of

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