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An Injured Leg Restored To Proper Length.

"Some months ago a young lady called, requesting to be prayed for. She
simply told me that some years ago she was run over and her hip badly
injured. I asked her if she could trust the Lord for healing. She
replied, 'Yes.' I prayed, with her, and she went home.

"I learned after a day or two, that she was perfectly cured, and
obtained from her these facts: Some six years before, she was run over
by a hack, and her hip so injured that she was confined to her bed for
six months. She then got up with a permanent lameness, one limb being
shorter than the other. In two or three instances since, she has been
confined to her bed for three months at a time. She now walks perfectly,
both limbs being of the same length. She says of herself, 'I can leap
and run as well as any other person, and my heart overruns with praise
and thanksgiving to God.'"

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