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An Old Man's Prayer.

"I feel also like mentioning another instance. I knew an old father in
Israel, a minister of the gospel, who once in speaking with a brother
minister, after a revival of religion in which five of his grandchildren
had professed their faith in Christ, among others with whom he had
labored; said if he could only live to see his one remaining
granddaughter brought into the fold, and the two Presbyterian churches,
then, called the Old and New school, united, he could say, like Simeon
of old, 'Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, for mine
eyes have seen thy salvation.' About three years after, the two
Presbyteries met near this place in Germantown, Mo., and he seemed as if
he could not contain himself till the time came for the meeting, so
anxious was he for this great desire of his heart to be fulfilled. On
the day of meeting he took sick and could not be present at any of the
sessions, but many of his brethren were with him, among whom was this
one he had been conversing with. The sessions lasted three days, and
upon the last evening his wishes were gratified, the two Presbyteries
merged into one, singing 'Blest be the tie that binds;' and his youngest
granddaughter united with the church, and after the meeting adjourned
this brother came to watch with the aged servant of God. He was
permitted to convey the glad news to him, and see a heavenly smile light
up his countenance as he passed away with his earnest prayer gratified."

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