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Another Example Of Beneficence.

"A liberal donor, in enclosing $100 to a sister institution, but
strictly withholding his name, says, 'When I began business, it was with
the intention and hope to become rich. A year afterward I became, as I
trust, a Christian, and about the same time met with 'Cobb's
Resolutions,' which I adopted. Some four or five years later, I read
'Normand Smith's Memoir,' and also Wesley's 'Sermon on the use of
Money,' which led me to devote all my gains to benevolent uses,
reserving to myself $5,000 while I remained unmarried, part of which I
have bequeathed to relatives, and the remainder to benevolent societies.
Up to this time--about sixteen years--by the grace of God--nothing
else--I have given about $24,500 to benevolent purposes, and lent about
$500 to those in need, which has not been returned; making in all about

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