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Are You There.

A mother, one morning, gave her two little ones books and toys to amuse
them while she went up-stairs to attend to something. A half hour passed
quietly away, and then one of the little ones went to the foot of the
stairs, and in a timid voice called out, "Mamma, are you there?"

"Yes, darling."

"All right," said the little one, and-went on with her play. By-and-by
the question was repeated, "Mamma, are you there?"

"Yes, darling."

"All right," said the child again, and once more went on with her play.
And this is just the way we should feel towards Jesus. He has gone
up-stairs, to the right hand of God, to attend to some things for us. He
has left us down in this lower room of this world to be occupied here
for a while. But to keep us from being worried by fear or care, He
speaks to us from His word, as that mother spoke to her little ones. He
says to us, "Fear not; I am with thee. I will never leave thee, nor
forsake thee." "The Lord will provide."

And so we see how certain it is that God does provide relief in trouble
for those who love and serve Him.

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