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Asking For Large Gifts.

Upon the 26th of September the record of the Home was as follows: "There
is due on the first of next month, $2,450 interest on our property, and
we are now within four days of the time, with not a dollar towards it.
For several days I have been asking that amount of the Lord."

Now here was a man depending wholly upon _chance gifts_ for the
livelihood of several hundred people, with a debt of over two thousand
dollars to pay in four days. His occupation and work were such that no
one could even possibly think of making any loans, as there was no
security. Neither was it the principle or the practice of the Home ever
to solicit a dollar. What was to be done? _It was taken to the Lord in
prayer_, and all waited the result.

Was it at all probable that so large a sum of money could be sent in so
short a time by any one or any number of persons?

That evening a letter from the probate office at Exeter, N. H., was
received by Dr. Cullis, informing them of the death of a citizen of
Portsmouth, with a bequest to the Home of _five thousand dollars_. The
Lord answered their prayer the same day and sent _double what was asked

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