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Asking The Lord To Help Him In His Lessons.

"A little boy was at school, he was diligent, and determined to succeed,
but found that parsing was rather hard.

"One day he went to his mamma for a little help in analyzing some
sentences. She told him the proper manner of doing it, and he followed
her directions; but he was much troubled that he could not understand
the whys and wherefores himself.

"His mamma told him it was rather hard for him then, but that after he
had studied a little longer, it would be quite easy.

"Johnnie went into another room to study alone, but after a little came
back, his face perfectly radiant with joy. He said: 'O mamma, I want to
begin again. I asked Jesus to help me, and now I think I see just how it
is. He always helps us when we ask him;' and with unspeakable delight he
with his mamma went over his lesson again."

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