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Before They Call I Will Answer.

"The writer was once in great trouble to know what was duty. Urged by
ministers and laymen in high standing to undertake a work not exactly in
the line of the ministry, he hesitated. God's displeasure was feared,
lest in doing what was desired 'sin might lie at his door.' To refuse
the wish of good and wise men might be resisting God's call. In this
trial of conscience he sought in fasting and special prayer the guidance
of his Heavenly Father. While so doing the above promise came very
distinctly to his mind. He brought it to God as his own promise, and
pleaded, if it could be graciously done, that He would literally fulfill
it to the suppliant. In the very act of thus pleading, he heard a rap on
the door. Opening it, there stood his mother-in-law. She said, 'Two
gentlemen are in the parlor waiting for you.' I went down, and the
interview revealed the exact fulfillment both of the promise and the
prophecy. The Lord answered my prayer two days before I called on Him.
One of the two came from New York to my home in a Western city to
inquire about _the very thing which was troubling me. He was to me an
entire stranger_, never having heard of him until I saw him. Having
consulted his friend, the Rev. M.W. Jacobus, D.D., they together came to
call on me about the matter at the very moment I was pleading with God
that He would mercifully, 'while yet speaking, hear me.' Now could
Tyndall and his followers desire a more literal, a more exact
fulfillment of this prophecy and promise as proof of its inspiration,
and of prayer as God's ordinance than that prayer for such fulfillment
of these words actually before the prayer was made, and while the
petitioner was 'yet speaking?'"

It will be noticed that the best judgment of good men advise one course,
but trust in God for superior wisdom brought the case to answer in a
totally different manner, by means of an unknown person, a total
stranger, who neither knew him nor his desire. The circumstance should
convince the world.

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