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Cured Of Severe Fits.

"Once again, one of my brothers had a fit brought on through fright. It
was a most violent and painful attack, and we were greatly alarmed. This
time, also, our father was out; and our mother said to us, I know this
fearful illness, my children; it is one of the heaviest trials which
could have, occurred, but Jesus, who cured that lunatic boy, can heal
our child. Do not speak of the attack to any one; we will go only to
Jesus about it; and then she prayed with us.

"Not long after, a second fit came on, and again our father was taking
his pleasure at the public house. This time mother told him what had
happened in his absence; but he laughed at it, and said, 'I don't
believe it; you were frightened at the child having bad dreams.'

"His wife replied, 'For the sake of your unbelief, I hope that the child
will have another attack whilst you are at home, so that you may witness
it yourself, then you will believe; I pray God, however, that this may
be the last time.'

"It came to pass about a week after, that another most dreadful fit came
on; the boy foamed violently, and threw himself about in fearful
convulsions; on this occasion the father was present, and he was
convinced of the nature of the attack, and alarmed at what he saw. _But
the mother's prayer was heard, for the disease never showed itself again
for thirty-four years, while both parents lived_."

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