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Cured Of St. Vitas' Dance.

"Very early in childhood, I was seized with a nervous trouble, something
like St. Vitus' Dance. As I grew older it did not pass off, but settled
into a disease of the muscles. It became a terrible affliction. It was
usually under my control, but I could not endure protracted work of any
kind, or unusual fatigue; I had consulted, in various cities, the best
physicians, but they pronounced it incurable. All that could be done was
to be careful of overwork and excitement. It must have been twenty-five
years since I was first taken.

"Doctor Cullis asked me if I could give my body to the Lord to be
healed; I felt that I could truly say 'Yes.' He then, in a simple
manner, prayed that the Lord would restore strength of nerve and muscle.
I went home, touched and improved by the comforting words. At the end of
the week I was startled at the recollection that I had felt hardly
anything of my trouble. My nerves began to feel as if they were held
with a grasp of iron. The muscles refused to move as before at every
inclination. For two weeks this painful tension lasted. Then I felt a

gradual relaxation, and found that I was strong like other people. I
tested myself in the severest way--walked, wrote and lifted--after each
exertion I could enjoy perfect rest. The mystery of the miracles was
explained to me. This power of God manifested in the past, is manifest
to us still. Faith can grasp and use it. Close beside us stands a
_living Christ_."

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