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Dividing With God.

A merchant, in answer to inquiries, refers back to a period when, he
says, "In consecrating my life anew to God, aware of the ensnaring
influences of riches, and the necessity of deciding on a plan of charity
before wealth should bias my judgment, I adopted the following system:

"I decided to balance my accounts as nearly as I could, every month; and
reserving such a portion of profits as might appear adequate to cover
probable losses, to lay aside, by entry on a benevolent account,
one-tenth of the remaining profits, great or small, as a fund for
benevolent expenditure, supporting myself and family on the remaining
nine-tenths. I further determined, that when at any time my net profits,
that is, profits from which clerk-hire and store expenses had been
deducted, should exceed $500 in a month, I would give twelve and a half
per cent.; if over $700, fifteen per cent.; if over $900, seventeen and
a half per cent.; if over $1,100, twenty per cent.; if over $1,300,
twenty-two and a half per cent.; thus increasing the proportion of the
whole as God should prosper, until at $1,500, I should give twenty-five
per cent., or $375 a month. As capital was of the utmost importance to
my success in business, I decided not to increase the foregoing scale
until I had acquired a certain capital, after which I would give
one-quarter of all net profits, great or small; and on the acquisition
of another certain amount of capital, I decided to give half; and on
acquiring what I determined would be a full sufficiency of capital, then
to give the whole of my net profits.

"It is now several years since I adopted this plan, and under it I have
acquired a handsome capital, and have been prospered beyond my most
sanguine expectations. Although constantly giving, I have never yet
touched the bottom of my fund, and have been repeatedly astonished to
find what large drafts it would bear. True, during some months I have
encountered a salutary trial of faith, when this rule has led me to lay
by the tenth, while the remainder proved inadequate to my support; but
the tide has soon turned, and with gratitude I have recognized a
heavenly hand more than making good all past deficiencies."

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