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Evil Averted.

A correspondent of the _Guide to Holiness_ says: "We remember a poor
woman who had had a life of sore vicissitude which she bore with
remarkable Christian cheerfulness; and after a time of the suspension of
trial, a bad prospect came in sight. She resorted to a friend to whom
she confidingly related the threatening evil, and at parting said, 'Oh
pray for us.' The case as it was known was taken immediately that early
morning to the throne of grace and laid out in all its circumstances
with a deeply sympathizing heart, and a consciousness of the past
sufferings of that woman--and as the friend rose from prayer, the answer
was given that the evil was averted, and a new change would come to that
afflicted one.

"That very day a strange deliverance and opening appeared which set that
family at rest from their peculiar trials for the rest of life."

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