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Extraordinary Care Of The Lord In Answer To Prayer.

"The scenes of the riots in New York, at the time of our civil war, are
of national celebrity; but few, however, know that one of the most
atrocious acts of cruelty attempted to be perpetrated by the
malefactors, and which utterly failed of its purpose, _came solely in
answer to prayer_. On the first day of the mob, however, several
thousand men, _women and children_, armed with clubs and brickbats,
suddenly appeared at the door of the Colored Orphan Asylum, and effected
an entrance by breaking down the front door with an axe. The building
was soon fired in ten or fifteen places, and the work of destruction was
accomplished in twenty minutes.

"There were at the time two hundred and twenty-three children in the
building with their attendants and teachers. The matron having assembled
all the children after the first alarm, one of the teachers thus
addressed them: 'Children, do you believe that Almighty God can deliver
you from a mob?' The reply was promptly made in the affirmative. 'Then,'
said she, 'I wish you now to pray silently to God to protect you from
this mob. I believe that he is able and will do it. Pray earnestly to
him, and when I give the signal, go in order, without noise, to the
dining-room.' At this every head was instantly bowed in prayer, such
prayer as is not frequently offered, the silent, earnest supplication of
terrified and persecuted little children. When, at the sound of the
bell, their heads were raised, the teacher said the tears were
streaming, but not a sound, not even a sob, was to be heard. They then
quietly went down stairs and through the halls, and she remarked that
'to her dying day she should never forget the scene;' the few moments of
eloquent silence, the streaming noiseless tears, the funereal march
through the halls, the yells and the horrible sounds which were nearer
and nearer approaching. _Not one of these helpless innocents was injured
in the least_; but in spite of the threats and the blood-thirstiness of
the rioters, through whom they were obliged to pass, all were removed
unmolested to a place of safety."

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