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Faith Cured Her.

This incident was related by the lady herself in a public meeting in
Boston, where it was heard by the sorrowing wife of an afflicted
husband, whose statement is as follows:

"I was first confined to my house with a violent cold. I lost my voice
completely, suffered with pain in my lungs and expectorated almost
constantly. I grew worse every day, and in a week called in a physician.
On examination he found my lungs diseased. I also had fever. With all
his care my cough grew worse, and night sweats set in; a few weeks later
my wife was told by the Doctor that my lungs were badly ulcerated, and
that my case being hopeless, it was not worth while for him to attend
longer; also that she must NOT be surprised if I should pass away
suddenly. I then tried some highly recommended medicine, which seemed
only to increase my disease.

"When I became so weak as to be nearly helpless, Dr. Cullis was called
in. He sounded my lungs and gave the same verdict, saying my only hope
for recovery was in the Lord. Diarrhea also set in, and my feet began to

This statement will show his perfect helplessness.

After the return of his wife from the above meeting, he read over and
over the precious promises of God, and became more and more convinced of
the power of faith. Believing that "_He is faithful that promised_" he
sent for Dr. Cullis to come and pray with him.

"Dr. C. prayed, anointed me with oil, and in the name of the Lord Jesus,
commanded me to be healed. Instantly my whole being was thrilled with an
unknown power, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. From the
moment I believed, the _work was done_. My lungs, so long diseased,
breathed with new vigor, and I returned thanks to God for the results of
faith. Since that memorable night I have taken no medicine, and my
health has been constantly improving, so _that I am feeling better now
than I did before my sickness_."

Two years after he was seen by Dr. Cullis, and continued in perfect
health, and engaged in active business.

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