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Feneberg's Loan To The Lord.

"A poor man with an empty purse came one day to Michael Feneberg, the
godly pastor of Seeg, in Bavaria, and begged three crowns, that he might
finish his journey. It was all the money Feneberg had, but as he
besought him so earnestly in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus he
gave it. Immediately after, he found himself in great outward need, and
seeing no way of relief he prayed, saying, 'Lord, I lent Thee three
crowns; Thou hast not yet returned them, and Thou knowest how I need
them. Lord, I pray Thee, give them back.' The same day a messenger
brought a money-letter, which Gossner, his assistant, reached over to
Feneberg, saying, 'Here, father, is what you expended.' The letter
contained two hundred thalers, or about one hundred and fifty dollars,
which the poor traveler had begged from a rich man for the vicar; and
the childlike old man, in joyful amazement, cried out, 'Ah, dear Lord,
one dare ask nothing of Thee, for straightway Thou makest one feel so
much ashamed!'"

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