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From Wealth, To Poverty.

A lady of superior culture and refinement, fell from opulence to extreme
poverty, within four years. No less ready when at the bottom of
fortune's ladder, than at the top, to do good as she had opportunity,
she paid another poor woman's way to a neighboring State, where
employment awaited her, and did it literally with her _last_ dollar-and
a-half! Supposing herself the possessor of a ten cent note, over and
above the twelve shillings, she went with her somewhat feeble protege
over Jersey city ferry, and saw her safely in the cars. Starting back,
she was dismayed to find no ten cents in her pocket-book, and, all too
late, remembered having paid it for a quart of milk that morning; the
sole breakfast of herself and daughter. Night was approaching--what to
do she did not know. She had a plain, worn, old gold ring on her finger;
she took it off, offered it to the ferry-master, who would not take it,
though she told him she found her money gone and would redeem it next
day. She went back in the ladies' room and told it to the Lord,
beseeching his assistance. Just then, a girl passing, jostled against
her and knocked down her parasol. She picked it up, happened to turn it
upside down, and out rolled a _five-cent nickel!_ The Lord, then, hears
prayer for even _five cents_ to provide for the comfort and need of
those whom He loves.

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