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Go To The Post-office.

A correspondent of "_The Guiding Hand_" relates this incident:

"In the year 18--, having a brother living in the city of R., I went to
see him. Going to the store where he had been at work, I found that the
firm had suspended, and that he was thrown out of employment, and had
broken up housekeeping, but could not ascertain where he was, only that
he was boarding somewhere out in the suburbs of the city. I searched for
him all day, but in vain.

"It was _absolutely necessary_ that I should find _him_. What MORE to do
I knew not, except to _pray_. Finally, I was impressed to write a line
and drop it into the post-office, and I obeyed the impression, telling
him, if he got it, to meet me at a stated place, the next morning, at
ten o'clock. _I prayed earnestly_ that the Lord would cause him _to go
to the post-office,_ so that he might get my letter. I felt full of
peace, and at rest about the matter. The next morning, at ten o'clock, I
went to the place appointed for him to meet me, _and he soon came in_."

This incident might seem one of ordinary or chance occurrence, but for
the following unusual circumstances:

"As they were returning to their home, his brother said: 'There is
something _very strange_ about my going to the post-office this
morning--_I had my arrangements all made to go with a party, this
morning early, to the bay, fishing; but, when I awoke, I had such an
impression to go down to the post-office, that I had to forgo the
pleasure of going to the bay, and went to the post-office and found your

"I replied, '_It was the Lord_ that impressed you in answer to my
prayer, for I have prayed earnestly for the Lord to send you to the
office this morning,' and, although but young in years and religion, I
gave God the praise for his guidance and His grace."

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