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God Cared For Me.

At a meeting a young man in broken English, said: "If any man ought to
believe in prayer, I ought to. My friends turned me out of my home,
because I was seeking for Christ. I was too much Christian my landlady
said. I told her I wished I was all Christian. It was seven o'clock in
the evening when she refused to let me come into the house. I went then
to the prayer-meeting in Water Street; we had such a good meeting, that
I quite forgot that I had no place to sleep. The services over, I found
it was raining fast, and I had no place to which to go. I went back into
the room, and kneeling at one of the benches, I begged God to give me a
place to rest. I did not go home my usual way that night, but on the way
I took I met an old friend, and walking with him to his house he begged
me to stay the night, as he did not like to be alone. I staid there that
night, though I had never told him of my condition. What was it but an
answer to prayer. Many a time since has God thus provided for my wants.
O friends, let your heart go out, for Him, then He will never let you

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