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God Never Failed Her.

An aged colored woman, lived that life of faith which shines brighter
and brighter unto the perfect day. Born a slave, on Long Island, she was
never taught to read, never enjoyed any social privileges; but the God
of the widow of Sarepta, who had neither "store-house nor barn," was her
God, and brought her out of the house of spiritual bondage.

She outlived all her early associations; all her children and
grandchildren, husband and brother passed on before, leaving her alone
in poverty and sickness. Yet she sat in her little hut, a cheerful,
happy Christian; a living witness for God as a covenant-keeper.
Doubting, despondent souls were always glad to visit her, to listen to
her simple words of wisdom and gather strength from her invincible
trust. Roman Catholic neighbors persecuted and even threatened her; but
in reply to a missionary who remarked that it must be very trying and
somewhat dangerous, she said, "Don't you know the Lord has a hook in the
jaws of the wicked, so they shan't hurt us if we belong to him? Jesus is
always with me; so I'm never alone and never afraid."

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