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God Sent Supplies.

"When I had been three weeks out of employment, I found a new place, and
after pawning all my best clothes to pay expenses, when the cart set us
down at the new home on Monday morning, I had the total sum of _ten
pence half-penny left,_ to provide for myself, my wife and child, till
the ensuing Saturday night.

"Though I was thus poor, yet I knew God had made me rich in faith. We
went on our knees beseeching the Almighty to send relief, as he in his
wisdom thought proper.

"The next evening my landlord's daughter, and son-in-law, came up to see
their mother, and brought some baked meat, which they had just taken out
of their oven, and brought for me and my wife to sup along with them.

"These poor people knew nothing of us, nor of our God. The next day in
the evening they did the same, and kept sending victuals and garden
stuff to us all the week long."

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