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God Will Take Care Of Me.

"When the yellow fever raged in New Orleans, the pestilence visited a
Christian household, and the father died. Then the mother was suddenly
seized, and knowing that she must die, she gathered the four children
around her bed, the oldest being only about ten years of age, and said
to them that God was about to take her home to heaven. She urged them to
have no fears, and assured them that the kind, heavenly Father who had
so long provided for them would surely come and take care of them. The
children, with almost breaking hearts, believed what the dying mother
had told them.

"She was buried. The three youngest soon followed her, although they
received every necessary attention from friends during their sickness.
The oldest, a boy, was also seized by the pestilence, and in an
unguarded moment, under the influence of delirium, wandered from his
sick-bed out into the suburbs of the city, and lying down in the tall
grass by the roadside, looked steadfastly up, murmuring, incoherently at
times, 'Mother said God would come and take care of me--would come and
take care of me!' A gentleman happening to pass at the time, and hearing
the unusual sounds, went where the lad was lying, and rousing him, asked
him what he was doing there. Said the little fellow in reply: '_Father
died; mother died; little brother and sisters died. But just before
mother went away into heaven, she told us to have no fear, for God would
come and take care of us, and I am now waiting for him to come down and
take me. I know he will come, for mother said so, and she always told us
the truth_.'

"'Well,' said the gentleman, whose kindliest sympathies were stirred by
the little fellow's sad condition and his implicit confidence in his
sainted mother's pious instructions, '_God has sent me, my son, to take
care of you_.' So he had him carried to his home, and kindly nursed and
cared for by his own family. He recovered, and to-day is one of the most
useful Christian young men in the far West, where he has fixed his

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