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God With Us.

An old woman was taking home' some sewing the night before, and passing
through a narrow and dark street, was knocked down by a runaway horse.
Taken up senseless and unknown, she was carried into the house of a kind
family who sent for a physician. It was not till next morning that she
recovered consciousness, and was able to give her address. A messenger
was at once dispatched to her husband, who was supposed to be wild with
terror. He was truly thankful to hear from human lips of her
whereabouts; but said he knew she was not dead, and he would see her in
the morning; for the Lord had been with him all night and assured him of
it. He had also kept the fire from going out; and now that she would be
brought home in a few hours, he was ready to trust his Father, as he had
been through the night. His hourly friend was Immanuel, God _with_ us;
not God somewhere or other in infinite space.

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