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God's Care For Little Children In Little Wants.

"I was early taught that God cares for His children, even to regard
their _little_ daily wants. An illustration of my implicit confidence,
which I do not remember ever to have been betrayed, occurred when I was
about ten years of age. I was accustomed to give five cents each Sabbath
at the Sunday School collection for foreign missions. This money was not
given me directly by my parents; but I was allowed to go on an errand,
or to do some little piece of work for a neighbor and thus earn it,
outside of the performance of the duties that naturally fell to my lot
at home. At one time, when I was attending school about a mile from
home, my time out of school was taken up by my walk to and from it and
the chores which necessarily fall to a farmer's boy, so that for some
months I had no opportunity of earning anything. One Sabbath morning, I
dropped my last silver piece into the collection, with a prayer--which I
always offered at such a time--that God would bless it to the heathen,
that some one might be led to Him by it.

"I went home that day with a child's anxiety, feeling that I could not
bear the thought of giving nothing for the heathen on next Sabbath, and
yet not seeing how I could possibly obtain it. That night I asked my
Heavenly Father to provide the money for me. The anxiety was all gone;
for I felt that God would answer. Next morning, when almost at the
school-house, I found a handkerchief in the road, in the corner of which
was securely tied a silver quarter and a silver dime. Instantly my
thoughts flew to the next Sabbath, and to the prayer I had offered. O,
yes! I thought, God has more than answered my prayer; instead of giving
me just enough for next Sabbath, He has given me enough, for seven

Then the thought came, somebody lost it; yes, it was my duty to find the
owner, which I did not expect would be difficult, although it was in
town. So I cheerfully gave it up, thinking that 'the Lord will provide'
in some other way. I took it directly to my teacher, and asked her to
find the owner. She made faithful inquiry, but no one was found to claim
it. Who can question this being an answer to prayer, when we think of
the numerous _chances_ against its occurring just as it did."

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