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He Shall Direct Thy Paths

"I am a teacher by profession, and, a few years ago, I found myself
placed in a school whose every surrounding was utterly repugnant to my
tastes, and to all my ideas of right and wrong and what good teaching
should be. At first, I kept hoping that things would grow better, and
that I should, at least, be able to have some influence on the modes of
teaching; but I soon found that everything connected with the
establishment was directed by the iron will of an unscrupulous and
tyrannical woman, whose laws were as irrevocable as those of the Medes
and Persians. I at once decided I could not stay there long, but I had
no other position in view, and it was not easy to secure one in the
middle of the term. As usual, I made it a subject of prayer, and the
result was that, in a short time, I was most unexpectedly, and without
the least solicitation on my part, offered a much better position, in
every respect, which, of course, I was only too thankful to accept. That
is only one instance, out of thousands I could name, where God has heard
and answered my prayers, and I believe He will do so to the end."

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