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Help In Paying A Mortgage.

A business man in New York had several large amounts due for payment. An
unprecedented series of calls from tradesmen wishing their bills paid
sooner than customary, drained his means, and he was satisfied from the
situation that his means would not be sufficient to pay them all. His
business receipts, at this juncture, fell to one-half what they had
usually been. A loan was due at the bank; a mortgage on his property, as
well as large notes. He could do no more than ask the Lord constantly in
prayer, to either send supplies of business, or open ways of relief.
Committing his cares all to the Lord, he endeavored to throw off his
burden and with diligence in trade do what was possible for protection.

He was greatly surprised when the bank loan fell due to learn that a
trifling payment would be acceptable, and the rest extended at his
convenience. This was remarkable, as the security had depreciated
somewhat, and the loan had been then extended longer than usual.

The holder of the mortgage did not call as usual for his interest. In
great surprise the tradesman dropped a note, saying he would meet his
demand, but if not all the mortgage was needed, its extension would
benefit the use of the capital in his business. To his surprise, he
received a reply that the mortgage would be extended one-half until the
next interest day, and the rest might be paid now if it could be spared.
_This was just the money which the tradesman could spare_, and was
intending to propose, but refrained from mentioning it.

A sudden opportunity in business arose which enabled him to see how to
use the rest of the money he had on hand, as capital, whereby he could
clear within three months the remainder of the mortgage before it became

Thus the Lord in answer to prayer, relieved his necessities, eased his
creditors, gave him knowledge and intelligence of profitable ways of
trade, and helped him freely according to his faith.

Thus business needs prayer, as well as the interests of the home, the
church and the soul. When the means derived in business is used to bless
the Lord's poor, "_The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble_."

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