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Help In Time Of Need.

A poor, humble Christian woman had a claim on some property in a
neighboring State. It was in law, and she was summoned to attend court
at a certain time. Having scarcely money enough for her daily bread, she
was obliged to borrow the means to take her there, and pay some cheap
board while awaiting the conclusion of the trial. She was positively
assured by the lawyers, that she would receive several hundred dollars.
She was detained five weeks, instead of one, as she expected, and then
the suit was postponed till Fall. She was in agony of mind; in a strange
place--owing for board and washing, and no money to take her to her
home. Having spent a whole night pacing the floor and calling on the
Lord to redeem his promises, she felt the fresh air would do her good,
and sadly took her way down a side street. She had gone but three blocks
when she found a diamond ring. Being accustomed to the ownership of
diamonds in her younger days, she knew very nearly its value; took it
home, watched the principal papers, and the same evening saw a reward of
seventy-five dollars offered for it. We can imagine that joy lent wings
to her feet, and thanksgiving filled her whole heart. The sum was
sufficient to pay her bills, bring her back and return a portion of the
borrowed money.

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