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How A Poor Little Cripple Converted A Village.

Mr. D.L. Moody relates the instance of a poor little cripple, whose
prayers were answered to the conversion of _fifty-six people._

"I once knew a little cripple who lay upon her death bed. She had given
herself to God, and was distressed only because she could not labor for
Him actively among the lost. Her clergyman visited her, and hearing her
complaint, told her from her sick bed she could pray; to pray for those
she wished to see turning to God. He told her to write the names down,
and then to pray earnestly; he went away and thought of the subject no

"Soon a feeling of religious interest sprang up in the village, and the
churches were crowded nightly. The little cripple heard of the progress
of the revival, and inquired anxiously for the names of the saved. A few
weeks later she died, and among a roll of papers that was found under
her little pillow, was one bearing the names of fifty-six persons, every
one of whom had in the revival been converted. By each name was a little
cross by which the poor crippled saint had checked off the names of the
converts as they had been reported to her."

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