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How Prayer Helped Him To Keep The Pledge.

In a rural district, in the North of England, lived a shoe-maker who had
signed the temperance pledge often, but never had strength to keep it.
After a while, he was able to keep it, and reformed entirely. A friend
was curious to learn how he had been able, at last, to win the victory,
and went to see him.

"Well, William, how are you?"

"Oh, pretty well. I had only eighteen pence and an old hen when I
signed, and a few old scores; but now I have about ten pounds in the
bank, and my wife and I have lived through the summer without getting
into debt. But as I am only thirty weeks old yet (so he styled himself),
I cannot be so strong yet, my friend."

"How is it you never signed before?"

"I did sign; but I keep it different now to what I did before, friend."

"How is this?"

"Why, I _gae doon_ on my knees and pray."

Here was the _real strength of prayer_. His own resolves were of no
value; but when he called on God to help, then came new strength, and he
was kept by restraining grace. The bitter experience of those who pledge
and pledge over and over again, and never gain the victory, at last must
come to either of two ends--their utter destruction, or else to call on
God in prayer, to help them keep the pledge manfully, and make them
steadfast in their resolutions.

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