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How The Lord Blessed An Old Advertisement.

"I had another acquaintance who was also greatly distressed. With a wife
and family to care for, and all his means gone, and no prospect of
employment, he was in trouble indeed. We induced him to present his case
for prayer here, as it would encourage him to have others pray for him.
Then we inserted an advertisement in one of the daily papers, offering
his services, hoping the Lord would bless the means used and answer
prayer. Day by day passed, but no response came. Some two weeks after
the advertisement was inserted, a merchant picked up _an old paper_, and
noticing the advertisement, showed it to his partner, remarking, 'Why,
this is just the man we need.' Observing the _old date_ on the paper,
his partner said he thought it would be too late to respond; but the
trial was made. The man was requested to call, and proved to be just
what these merchants had been wishing for, and was very quickly engaged.
He feels that the Heavenly Father who cares for the sparrows,
undoubtedly met his need, and that all the circumstances connected with
the case were providential."

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