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In Everything Make Known Your Wants.

"Six years ago, on the low country of South Carolina, a friend asked me
to go with him to a camp-meeting. I was delighted with the idea, for, in
my estimation, a good camp-meeting comes nearer heaven than any other
place on earth.

"Just three days before we were to go, an unexpected circumstance
connected with his business, made it impossible for him to leave. It was
with real heartfelt sorrow I heard of it. The day before we were to have
started, as I saw another member of the family, who was going with a
friend, packing her trunk, it seemed to me I could not bear it. I
carried my trouble to my dear heavenly Father, begging him to send me a
way to go.

"I rose from my knees with the sweet assurance in my heart my prayer was
heard--packed my trunk and waited patiently. When night came and the men
came home, in the place of the expected buggy came a small spring-wagon,
and a seat for me. What may seem more remarkable, the change between
buggy and spring-wagon was made ten miles away, while I was praying.

"I believe I enjoyed the meeting more for the feeling of thankfulness
that pervaded my whole being while there."

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