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It Pays To Give To The Lord.

"A clergyman states, that soon after he dedicated himself to the service
of Christ, he resolved, as Jacob did, 'Of all that thou shalt give me, I
will surely give a tenth unto thee.' Of the first $500 he earned, he
gave $130, and in such a way that it incited a wealthy friend to give
several hundreds more, including a donation of $100 to this clergyman
himself. For four years, the clergyman says, 'My expenses were small, my
habits economical, and the only _luxury_ in which I indulged was the
luxury of giving. In the two first of these years I was permitted to
give $500.' 'On a review of my ministry of about sixteen years,' he
adds, 'I find God has graciously permitted me to give to the cause of my
Redeemer nearly $1,200, by which amount about forty life memberships
have been created in various evangelical societies. During all these
years God has prospered me; has given me almost uninterrupted health;
has surrounded me with sweet domestic ties; and my congregation, by
means in part perhaps of a steady example, have given _more in these
sixteen years_ than in all their long previous history."

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