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Jesus Cured Me.

In the family of a missionary pastor in Kansas, was a daughter of twelve
years of age, seriously afflicted with chronic rheumatism. For three
years she suffered, until the leg was shrunken, stiff at the knee,
shorter by some two inches than, the other, and the hip joint was being
gradually drawn from its socket. The child read of Mrs. Miller's cure by
prayer, originally published in _The Advance_, and wondered why she
could not also be cured by the same means. She repeated to her mother
some of the promised answers to prayer, and asked: "Don't Jesus mean
what he says, and isn't it just as true now as then?" The mother
endeavored to divert her attention by representing the affliction as a
blessing. The physician also called and left another prescription, and
encouraged the child to hope for benefit from it. The child could not,
however, be diverted from the thought that Jesus could and would heal
her. After the doctor's departure she said: "_Mamma, I cannot have that
plaster put on."_

"Why, dear."

"_Because, mother, Jesus is going to cure me, and he must have all the
glory. Dr. ---- doesn't believe in God; if we put the plaster on, he
will say it was that which helped me; and it must be all Jesus_." So
earnest was she, that her mother at length placed the package, just as
she had received it, on a shelf, and said no more about it.

The little girl and her mother were alone that day, the father being
absent from home. When the household duties were done she called her
mother to her.

"Mother, will you pray now to Jesus to cure me_? I have got the faith; I
know he will if you will ask him_." The mother, overcome, yielded to her
daughter's request, and commenced praying. She was blest with unusual
consciousness of the presence of God, and became insensible of all
outward surroundings, pleading for the child. She remained in this state
of intercession for more than an hour, when she was aroused by her
daughter, who with her hand on the mother's shoulder was joyfully
exclaiming, "_Mother, dear mother, wake up! Don't you see Jesus has
cured me? O, I am well! I am all well!" and she danced about the room,
literally healed._

One week from that day, the girl was seen by the writer in the
"_Advance,"_ who says she was _out sliding on the ice with her
companions_. From that day to this she has had no further trouble; _the
limb is full, round and perfect_; there is _no difference between it and
the other_.

To every question asked she replies, with the overflowing gratitude of a
loving heart, "Jesus cured me!"

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