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Jesus Keeps Me From Drinking.

A young man arose in the Fulton Street prayer-meeting one day, and
detailed his struggles and triumphs with his appetites. He was a perfect
drunkard, helpless, poor; his friends' best efforts to reclaim' him were
of no avail. The most solemn vows that he had ever taken, still were
unable to hold him up. At last he gave himself up for lost. There seemed
no hope for him, and in his despair he wandered away to the ocean shore.
He met a young man who showed him a good many favors, and to whom he
offered a drink from his flask of liquor.

"'No,' said he, 'I never drink intoxicating drink, and I ask the Lord
Jesus to help me never to touch it.'

"I looked at him with surprise, and inquired, 'Are you a Christian?'

"'Yes, I trust I am,' he answered.

"'_And does Jesus keep you from drinking intoxicating liquor?'_

"'_He does, and I never wish to touch it_.'

"That short answer set me to thinking. In it was revealed a new power. I
went home that night and said to myself, as I went, '_How do I know but
Christ would keep one from drinking if I would ask him_?'

"When I got to my room, I thought over my whole case, and then I knelt
down and told Jesus what a poor, miserable wretch I was; how I had
struggled against my appetite, and had always been overcome by it. I
told Him if he would take the appetite away I would give myself up to
Him to be his forever, and I would forever love and serve Him. I told
Him that I felt assured that He could help me, and that He would.

"Now I stand here, and I tell you all most solemnly, _that Jesus took me
at my word_. He did take away my appetite then and there, so that, from
that sacred moment of casting myself on his help, I have not tasted a
drop of liquor, nor _desired_ to taste it. _The old appetite is gone_.

"The last two weeks have been rich experience of Divine goodness and

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