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Life Spared For Two Weeks.

"On the 8th of January, last, I was called upon to visit a dying man in
Jersey City, whom the doctors had said could not live but a few hours. I
found him in severe bodily sufferings and a terrible agony of mind. He
had lived a moral and upright life in the eyes of the world, but
careless and neglectful of all religious duties, and now with eternity
before him he felt his life a failure and his imperative need of help.

"In his agony he would cry out, 'Lord, help me,' and perhaps the next
moment blaspheme the name of God. I sought to show him his great sin in
having so long neglected God and his salvation, and at the same time
assured him that Jesus was a great Savior, 'able to save to the
uttermost all who would come unto Him.' I went from his bedside to the
union prayer-meeting, held in our city during the week of prayer, where
I presented his case and asked the brethren to pray that God would save
this poor man even at the eleventh hour, and spare him to give good
evidence of his conversion. His case seemed to reach the hearts of all
present, and most earnest prayers were offered in his behalf; so strong
was the faith that many came to me at the close of the meeting and said
that young man will certainly be saved before he is taken from this

"In answer to prayer he was spared nearly two weeks, and for some six or
seven days before his death, gave much clearer evidence of being truly
converted than could have been expected of one in his condition."

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