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Light Given To A Blind Child.

"A missionary visiting one of the mission schools of Brooklyn, was
introduced to a remarkable child. He was brought into the school from
the highways and hedges, and young as he was, he had been taught of God.
One day he was playing with powder, and putting his mouth to the match
to blow it, it exploded, and the whole charge went into his face and
eyes. He became totally blind, and the physician gave but little hope of
recovery. But the little sufferer was patient and calm, and even
hopeful; sitting through the dark days meditating on what he had learned
at the mission Sabbath-school, and repeating passages of Scripture and
many a beautiful hymn.

"One evening after the physician had spoken discouragingly, and his
parents, as he perceived, were in deep distress, he was absorbed on his
knees in a corner of the room in earnest prayer. His voice, though
subdued almost to a whisper, was indicative of intense feeling. His
parents inquired what he had been praying so earnestly for. Why, said
he, that _Jesus Christ would open my eyes. The doctor says he can't, and
so I thought I would ask the Savior to do it for me. God honored his
faith. In a few days his sight came to him; and the prayer was answered.
He can now see clearly_."

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