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Luther's Mighty Prayer And Prophecy.

At one time in the life of Luther, there was a critical moment in the
affairs of the Reformation. Bitter persecution prevailed with
extraordinary power, and threatened every one. They were the dark days
when faith could only cling. There were but few friends to the
reformers, and these were of little strength. Their enemies were every
where strong, proud, arrogant. But Luther relied on his God, and at this
moment, with his favorite hymn in his heart, "_A strong fortress is our
God,_" he went to the Lord in prayer, and prayed that omnipotence would
come to the help of their weakness. Long he wrestled alone with God in
his closet, till like Jacob he prevailed. Then he went into the room,
where his family had assembled, with joyous heart and shining face, and
raising both hands, and lifting his eyes heavenward, exclaimed, "_We
have overcome, we have overcome_."

This was astonishing, as there was not the slightest of news which had
yet been heard to give them hope of relief. But immediately after that,
the welcome tidings came that _the Emperor, Charles V., had issued his
Proclamation of "Religious Toleration in Germany_." In Luther's prayer
was fulfilled the remarkable promise of Proverbs, 21: I. "_The king's
heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water; he turneth it
whithersoever he will_."

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