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Money For Postage.

"One day I opened my port-monnaie to get change for some little needful,
when I found I had but ten cents. I used five of it. As visions of six
or seven letters and many little things I needed came up before me, I
said aloud: 'The Lord will have to send me some money pretty soon.' I
think once through the day I prayed for some money, but felt no
uneasiness about it. That evening a lady friend called to say good-by
for the winter, and as she left gave me _fifty cents for postage._ While
I was calling He answered me. About a week before this, I thought I
would ask the Lord for $5 for my physician. He had come so faithfully,
day after day, without ever expecting one dollar, because I had told him
freely my circumstances. But I felt I must give him something for a gift
at least. So I asked for five dollars. Day after day passed away, and I
thought perhaps the Lord did not want me to have it. But still I prayed,
asking it for His will, not mine. One morning a letter came from a very
dear friend, containing a check for the amount for which I had prayed,
and a little beside. It seemed such a signal answer to my prayer, that I
could scarcely speak, and in my heart a glad prayer of thanksgiving went
up to Him, who had told me _to ask and I should receive._ A friend, to
whom I told this, said: 'Now you need this money yourself; I would not
give it to the doctor now--wait awhile.' 'But,' I replied, 'I dare not
do it. I need it, I know, but I asked God for it for my doctor, and I
must give it.' And here let me say, when we ask God for money, it is
sacred, and must be spent only to please Him."

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