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Mr. Moody's Answers To Prayers.

Mr. D.L. Moody, the Evangelist, when a boy, was possessed of an unusual
amount of muscular strength and animal spirits, and a strong will that
knew little of impossibility or submission. When only six years old,
being wistful to do something to help his mother, he was set to drive
the cows of a neighboring farmer to and from their mountain pasture. On
one occasion, a heavy fence fell upon him from which he could not
extricate himself. After trying his utmost and crying as loud as he
could for help, but in vain, the thought struck him that God would help
him if he asked him. In his own simple language he prayed to his
mother's God for help, and made another effort, and succeeded in getting
free. This, his first answer to prayer, made a vivid impression on his
heart, which gave a decided turn to his opening life.

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